The Eco-Packing Cubes

The Eco-Packing Cubes
The Eco-Packing Cubes

The Eco-Packing Cubes

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No matter how you organize your suitcase, these packing cubes are the perfect packing companions.  Once you're at your destination, unpacking is a breeze.

The set of four Eco-Packing Cubes is designed to fit perfectly inside The Roomy Carry-On. Sustainably made from post-use recycled plastics.



Enhance Your Packing Experience

What's your packing style?  Do you pack outfits together, types of clothing together, or something in between?  No matter what your style is, these packing cubes will keep you extra organized and make unpacking a breeze.


A Perfect Fit

The Eco-Packing Cubes are designed to fit perfectly inside The Roomy Carry-On, maximizing your packing space.

Every Going Places Purchase Helps Protect Our Planet

At Going Places, we have been committed to sustainability since our founding. From our materials and production, to the factories we partner with and how people are treated, we consider our impact on the world and how we can make it a better place.

Our Roomy Carry-On is manufactured using a groundbreaking new process for luggage manufacturing that uses post-use plastics on the inside and outside. These plastics have been previously used and were otherise destined for landfills or our oceans. Instead, these plastics have been crafted into luggage so durable it will last you a lifetime.

In addition, each year, a portion of our profit goes to organizations working to preserve our planet by reducing plastic polution in our oceans.